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You’re not evolving into someone else. You’re peeling back the layers to reveal who you really are.

Maximize and unify your physical, mental, and emotional potential.



There’s a reason most acting training programs include aspects of bodymind training.

It’s because, as was so poignantly stated by a classmate in a clown workshop I attended a few years ago: “My body made it true.” The connection between mind and body is powerful and profound. As an actor, it can be one of your greatest tools – or one of your greatest obstacles if not attended to.

You name it and I’ve experimented with it when it comes to bodymind work. I’ve had the privilege of studying several tremendously beneficial methods over the years, from Alexander Technique to masks and everything in between. Many have impacted and continue to influence my work as an actor. However, two stood out so strongly that I got certified to teach them to others: yoga, and shiva nata.

Currently I teach yoga as a sub at both Moksha Yoga Center and Green Shirt Studio, and am available at any time for classes for your theatre or arts group as well as private lessons.

As Artistic Conspiracy continues its expansion into our new physical space in Wicker Park, we’ll be launching regular classes and workshops in 2017 in yoga, shiva nata, and other bodymind practices. Check back to this page or follow our Facebook and Twitter to stay in the know!