{manage all the rest}

Don’t fall victim to overwhelm.

Take control of all that stuff that isn’t your art but can make or break your ability to create it.

As a professional theatremaker, there is a ton to manage that has little if anything to do with creating art. But let that stuff get out of control or fall by the wayside and it’ll crush your creative spirit and professional dreams faster than you can say Facebook. I’m talking about things like:

  • Setting up and maintaining your web presence (website, social media, etc)
  • Putting together a killer reel (on-camera or voice)
  • Getting fantastic, cast-me-now headshots
  • Dealing with taxes, write-offs, and finances in general

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to manage all this stuff, though. And it also doesn’t need to eat up all your time or all your money.

Step by step, we're here to help you sort it all out.

Rock Your Online Presence

Coming soon!

Demystify all the moving parts of building and running a website, and get one up and running that’s easy to maintain and gets you more work. Determine what social media strategy is best for you, and manage it all without losing your mind.

Your Best-Ever Headshot


A headshot is so much more than just a pretty picture of you. It’s a moment of your magic frozen in time. It’s an audition on paper. Make sure you’ve got one that gets the job done.

Learn more about headshots >>

Reel Service

Coming soon!

Gather your footage into a compelling reel that tells casting directors exactly what kind of work you’re perfect for!

The Actor's Tax Toolkit

Re-launching soon!

Scores of actors have taken control of their taxes in the past with my Actor’s Tax Workshops and Webinars. It’s been a few years since the information has been updated, so in 2017 the course is getting a complete overhaul and will be reborn as The Actor’s Tax Toolkit.